Our objetive is to replace wires


Annectere specializes in short range wireless communications, utilizing Bluetooth® technology, providing one-stop solutions; whether it is developing a complete turnkey product or integrating wireless technology into an existing product.

Our objective is to replace wires with an efficient and reliable wireless solution.

Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication standard, not only for wireless headsets, but for many other applications in the short to medium range (1 to 100 meters).

  • Stereo headsets and speakers.
  • Audio players and Portable Media Players (PMP).
  • Printers, scanners and multifunctional devices.
  • Keyboards, mice and videogame controllers.
  • Mobile phones, desktops, laptops and ultra-portables.

Virtually any electronic device, computer peripheral or accessory can be Bluetooth enabled; we reduce the gap between a concept and the end-product.

Our solutions for the wireless market include:

  • Software, firmware and driver development, integration and testing.
  • Hardware design, development and integration.
  • Consulting services for specialized projects.

Once a customer (a company or an individual) decides to integrate Bluetooth into a product to provide greater mobility and freedom from wires, the main priority is to keep the benefits high and the costs low; but this has been historically the opposite, ending up spending more time and resources on less features that were originally intended.

The bottom line is that we offer an end-to-end solution that will reduce the time to market, avoid costly hardware changes, eliminate post-market problems, and simplify the certification process. We offer excellent solutions from start to finish: on time, on budget, and provide support beyond that for any future customizations or upgrades.



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